Mentor Program - Bridging the Gap

After our students are selected for a scholarship to a trade school program, they are paired with a mentor who helps them bridge the gap between what they once knew as their normal, to a positive new narrative that can be created.  Mentors can be former students, professionals in a similar field, or just regular individuals who want to give back to their community by making a personal connection with a student.


We ask that mentors and their students communicate weekly through text, email, phone call or in-person meetings.  Consistency is key.


We encourage mentors to be honest, straightforward, thoughtful, understanding and encouraging.

Time Commitment

Mentors stay in touch with their students through the entire scholarship, which could range from 13 weeks to two years depending on their program.

Become a Mentor

Consider becoming a Rebel Voices mentor.  Download our brochure for more information and to apply.

Jane Doe, Mentor

Jane has served as a mentor for two Rebel Voices