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Scholarship Ceremonies

We are proud to celebrate our Rebel Voices Scholarship Students during ceremonies and special events throughout the year.  


Each student comes to us with a unique desire to change their lives, and we are thrilled to be able to celebrate milestones with them.  There are many special highlights and occasions to celebrate including when the student receives their award, when they graduate their program and when they accept their first job.

Lincoln Tech, December 2020

Victoria Magnus, Director of Rebel Voices, and her mother Maria Magnus from Magnus Charitable Trust, awarded Rebel Voice's first 5 scholarships to Lincoln Tech students at this special ceremony.


Midwestern Career College, June 2021

Rebel Voices is honored to partner with Midwestern Career College, and to attend this special Meet & Greet ceremony where we recognized and celebrated scholarship recipients.  Several Rebel Voices students got to share their testimonies, and explain what the Rebel Voices scholarship has meant to them.

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