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Our Mission

We are dedicated to creating opportunities and eliminating barriers by providing financial assistance, educational resources, and mentorship to underserved young adults from Chicago's South and West side neighborhoods.

Our Community

Through our Community Partnerships in the Chicagoland area with educational and wellness centers, the military, and First Responders we are committed to encouraging, empowering, and inspiring the next generation of innovative leaders.

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Community of Fire Rescue and EMS Rescue Services, Law Enforcement and Public Safety Personnel

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CYP provides over 40 comprehensive programs to at-risk youth, ages 3-25, living in the Washington Park, Near North/Cabrini Green, and Uptown/Rogers Park neighborhoods


The vision of Above and Beyond is to build an individualized treatment experience that is available to anyone in need regardless of their economic status. Our clients and clinicians create therapeutic alliances that design and execute personalized programs of recovery that co-exist side-by-side personal development and growth goals. 


Our Educational Partners

Through our Educational Partnerships we strive to eliminate financial barriers preventing individuals from pursuing or completing their educational pursuits within the areas of trade schools, fire and police academy, paramedic and EMT school. 


MedEx is now widely recognized as the premier ambulance transportation provider in Chicago.


Lincoln's mission is to provide superior education and training to our students for in-demand careers.


Provide premier career-focused education to empower students with academic training.

Mentorship - Bridging the Gap


Becoming a mentor requires no previous experience except a willingness to help make a difference in someone else’s life. With your help we can work to remove the negative stigma surrounding our men and women in uniform and establish a relationship built on trust and positive role models.

You are the bridge between what they once knew and understood to be “the norm” and the positive, new narrative that can be created. You are setting the precedent of what it means to be an individual of good morals, healthy boundaries, and a strong work ethic. 

The opportunity to lead with strength and set a good example has never been more needed in our society and within our communities. We have become a city divided; fueled by anger and fear while most of these individuals are merely misguided, but not lost completely.

Now is the time to rise up and come together. Now is the time to work to spread more love than hate. Now is the time to put our words into actions. Now is the time to help change lives.

For more info on what it takes to become a mentor, download our brochure


The most supportive and influential people over the last 4 years include my mentor. I could not have done any of my tasks successfully over the last 4 years without them in my corner. 

The first time meeting with my mentor in the foundation I was nervous, but overtime they have become an extended family and they truly care about the students.


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