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Rebel Voices

Our Mission

We are dedicated to creating opportunities and eliminating barriers by providing financial assistance, educational resources, and mentorship to underserved young adults from Chicago's South and West side neighborhoods.

Rebel Voices is proud to offer scholarships to three trade schools in the Chicagoland area - Lincoln Tech Melrose Park, Med Ex Ambulance Service and Midwestern Community College.  Our partners provide high quality education and personalized support for our students.

Lecture Hall Tutor

Rebel Voices is proud to partner with other non-profit organizations in Chicago to best serve our students.  From identifying needs totogetherproviding resources,

we are in this together!

Women Holding Hands

After our students begin their trade school program, they are paired with a mentor who helps them bridge the gap between what they once knew as normal to a positive new narrative that can be created.


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